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Ostentoso is a 5 year old PRE in black jacket, but with his calm temperament he seems to be more older and mature. He has an extremely balanced character and a pleasant, calm temperament. In short, a horse that does its job and a good job every day.

He offers very good riding comfort and lies comfortably and easily in the hand. A horse that you don’t have to ride much forwards and which offers a nicely naturally “GO”. In addition, he adjusts to his rider and tries to do everything right without ever becoming hectic.

We see this horse as the perfect partner for someone who does not want any challenges, but simply a horse for fun and riding in the arena or off-fields.

Ostentoso is still a stallion, but he can easily be ridden in the arena with several horses and also mares without being peeped or excited. Nevertheless we offer that he can be castrated  in our stables and stay with us until he has healed and completely “calmed down”. We are sure that this will be done in 4 weeks, because a calm stallion becomes an equally calm gelding very fast.

Ostentoso comes through sports-oriented PRE lines such as Escalera, Guardiolo, Diaz, Yeguada Militar and Miura. The Escalera horses in particular are known for their balanced temperament.


Name: Ostentoso Gender: Gelding
Breed: P.R.E. – Pura Raza Española
Colour: Grey
Age: 2017 Discipline: Dressage, Leisure
Height: 1,63 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price Level: SOLD
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