Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

This beautiful dark bay PRE has a stately height of 1.72. He is immaculately built and has a heart of gold.

He can be led, groomed and saddled in an exemplary manner. He is never pushy towards people, he does not act as a stallion and always makes sure that he does everything right.

You actually have to bend down and check if he is really a stallion. We can imagine that he would easily fit into a gelding group.

Farruco has a very good pedigree and carries the big and old-established studs in his pedigree, like Granda, Lazo Diaz, Boloix, Yeguada Militar, Daza. His sire is a Calificado approved black stallion.

Farruco enjoyed a good basic training at his stud, but was then only ridden recreationally. In this respect he is still unspent and would now be the right age to be trained further and higher. Farruco has a good walk, a great ground covering trot and he is very easy to sit. We are currently working on his canter and building up his muscles.


Name: FARRUCO Gender: Riding Stallion
Breed: PRE
Colour: Dark Brown
Age: 2015 Discipline: Leisure – Dressage – Hacking
Height: 1,72 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price Level:












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