Mon. May 27th, 2024

This beautiful PRE stallion was bred in the heart of Andalusia. His rare color Perla, as it is called in Spain, comes from the Paco Marti stallions Carmelo and Dulzon. The dam is a solid mare from the Tabernero Hernandez stud, who was bred in a typical manner.

Embrujo is not only a horse that impresses with its appearance, but also knows how to move and has a very good, balanced character. He is easy to ride, intelligent, reliable and learns quickly. He is easy to ride, although he is a stallion and is currently being ridden off-road by the 12-year-old son of the stud farm.

Embrujo can also be licensed on request. He has not yet mated and is very easy to keep as a riding stallion, even in mixed stables. But if you would rather have him as a gelding, he can be castrated her in Spain and stay until he is fully recovered.


Name: Embrujo Gender: Stallion
Breed: Pre Colour: Palomino
Age: 2016 Discipline: Leisure, Dressage, Breeding
Height: 1,62 Stockmass Location: Sevilla (Spain)
Price Level: SOLD
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