Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Romera is a pretty Andalusian mare who will be 3 years old in September. She comes directly from the herd and has quickly shed her shyness.

She is open to everything, but also cautious. In the meantime she has also discovered the benefits of treats and so you can work with her wonderfully.

Grooming, giving hooves and touching her whole body or even laying over her with weight is no problem. She is a typical mare and is very fixated on the person she is with. In the paddock she is the first to come and she is happy about every attention she gets.

A very great mare, who also has very good bloodlines, which used to be bred for bullfighting. Horses with a lot of courage, commitment, willingness to work, endurance and who give their whole heart to their owner. Her sire is a beautiful imposing big Buckskin stallion of 1,68.

Surely Romera still needs time to grow and develop, but we are sure she will become a beautiful mare in a sought-after colour.


Name: ROMERA Gender: Mare
Breed: Andalusian
Colour: Buckskin
Age: 2020 Discipline: Baroque – Leisure – Dressage
Height: 1,57 m
Location: 27383 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD
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