Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Here we have a 1pretty Spanish gelding who has been ridden up to elementary level. For his age, he is still very unused, as he has only been trained since this year and was previously a pure leisure horse. He is very good to handle and ridden very well. His lateral gaits are very good, as is his canter collection and he has already mastered the canter piroute. He shows good flying changes and needs a bit more work in the tempi changes. So far he has only been worked in hand with piaffe and passage.

We see Churrero once for the ambitious leisure amateur dressage rider to work with Churrero further on his higher education, but also for weaker riders as a lesson horse. Churrero is correctly ridden and can therefore also be used for riding lessons and as a lesson horse. Churrero has a full health inspection with x-rays.



Name: CHURRERO Gender: Gelding
Breed: Spanish / CDE
Colour: Alazan
Edad: 2010 Discipline: Dressage – Leisure
Edad: 1,67 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price: SOLD












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