Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

The sire of this fancy 2 year old Andalusian is a Palomino stallion with 1,67 who inherits the colours Buckskin, Red Roan, Palomino and Cremello. He is a Baroque Spaniard. Ruano’s dam is a Lusitano Buckskin mare. I have known this stallion, the broodmares and also their offspring for several years. All of them grow up on large grounds, are outside 365 days, the mares give birth outside and they are very healthy and resistant horses with good character.

The crossing of Spaniards with Lusitanos is very common in Spain and is mainly used for horses for the Doma Vaquera, leisure horses or for working equitation. They are sure-footed and agile horses with the best character and a super working attitude.

This 2 year old stallion is offered raw from Spain for a complete price free Germany / your stable. It is also possible that the horse is castrated on site and can stay until after complete healing.


Name: NERON Gender: Stallion (Castration possible)
Breed: Andalusian
Colour: Buckskin
Age: 2021 Discipline: Freizeit – Dressur – Working Equitation
Height: 1,54
Location: Spanien (Preis inklusive Transport)
Price Level: SOLD













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