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Bambi is a 10 year old PRE gelding who comes from the Madrid area. He was bred at a stud farm in the province of Valladolid, just like his sire Gemelo, who was also born there. Now some of you are probably wondering how his name came about. Quite simply, this is what happens when you ask your little daughter what the newborn foal should be called.

Since a stud or a breeder lives from sales, Bambi was sold as a yearling to Extremadura. In private ownership he was later gelded, broken in and ridden recreationally. Rides, ferias and because he is very well-behaved, some children have learned to ride him. Due to circumstances, he now had to be sold.

The pretty grey horse has a good character and is very kind when tying up, grooming and giving hooves. Typical for an Andalusian, he is a bit reserved and sensitive with unknown people, but you have to give him credit for only having had 1 change of stable in his life.

We see Bambi as a leisure and family horse. A big riding stable is probably not the right thing for him, as he has been kept privately at the house for the last few years. He is social, rather low ranking and could probably be switched to barefoot. He is currently shod, but only at the front hoofs.

Bambi is being offered for less than he is worth because when he has the opportunity, he is cribbing.



Name: BAMBI Gender: Gelding
Breed: PRE
Colour: Grey
Age: 2013
Discipline: Leisure
Height: 1,62
Location: 27383 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD













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