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Cartamo is a young PRE stallion who turned 4 in June and is being offered directly from the breeder in Spain.

He has a current height of 1.66. He already showed his impressive basic gaits as a foal. His extended trot is outstanding. He also shows a beautiful and above all very comfortable and even canter.

This horse is also outstanding in character. He has a very friendly nature and his temperament is extremely balanced. The perfect symbiosis of very well-behaved, but with a good willingness to run.

Despite his young age, Cartamo is not at all fazed when he is working in the outdoor arena and there are playing children running around and being noisy, or when trucks pull up or the tractor drives back and forth.

The smart dark grey horse has been in work for 8 months with an interruption in growth. If he is not sold before then, he will compete in his first dressage competition this autumn.

Here you have the opportunity to acquire a young talented Spaniard who has grown up in freedom, has been allowed to grow at pasture, has only been ridden with a light snaffle and has not yet needed shoeing. The breeder is willing to commission, at his own expense, a fresh health inspection with x-rays for the prospective buyer.

The pedigree of this jewel is Utrerano on the sire’s side and Obcecado on the dam’s side. Both horses belong to the best dressage horse sires Spain has to offer. Of course a trial in Spain is possible. Transport will be organised with a reputable company.


Name: CARTAMO Gender: Stallion
Breed: PRE
Colour: Dark grey
Age: 2019 (June)
Discipline: Dressage
Height: 1,66 actually
Sede: Huelva (Spain)
Price Level C: 15.000,- to 20.000,- Euro
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