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Altalego is a smart bay 11 year old Andalusian who is easy and comfortable to ride. He is basic ridden in the riding arena, including side pass, and is also reliable to hack. He is so easy to load that a 4 year old child can (literally) do it. When he’s out on his own, there may be a situation where he stops or backs up when he encounters something scary or unfamiliar, but he’s always easy to drive on and convince that there’s nothing wrong. He is always controllable, not a bucker and not naughty. He gets on well with other horses and is not a horse that takes a long time to integrate into a new stable or herd.

In terms of character, he is a cautious horse who needs some time to get used to his humans. Unfortunately, he is a little head shy, which we are currently working on.


Name: ALTALEGO Gender: Gelding
Breed: Andalusian
Colour: Browner
Age: 2013
Discipline: Leisure
Height: 1,64
Location: Scheessel (Germany)
Price Level A: SOLD
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