Thu. May 23rd, 2024

This pretty dark brown 8 year old PRE is a super great representative of his breed! He has a great charisma and is great to deal with. He stands free and it is easy to go on him when riding. He also behaves at its best when being brushed and saddled.

In our barn there are dogs, chickens and sometimes small children running around. Here in particular he shows his gentle nature even more and eats very carefully from the hands of a child with his head down.

Legendario is trained at a L/M level. He has not yet been presented at tournaments. He is also very reliable off-road, doesn’t shy away and can easily be ridden as a lead horse or at the back of a group.

Legendario is a big PRE with about 1.66 to 1.67 height. His father comes from the world-famous Torreluna stud farm, which produces some very good dressage horses. His mare line is also the finest, Lazo Diaz, Escalera, Bohorquez. So he brings everything with him to be further promoted in dressage. A great horse for the ambitious leisure or amateur rider.

Legendario is still a stallion, but without showing stallion behavior. He doesn’t even whinny and doesn’t care about other horses at all. Nevertheless, we can offer that he will be castrated in our stable against payment of costs. A well-behaved stallion is also a well-behaved gelding and can be integrated into a herd quite quickly.


Name: LEGENDARIO Gender: Riding Stallion
Breed: Pre Colour: Dark Bay
Age: 2014 Discipline: Dressage amd Leisure
Height: 1,66 m
Location: 27253 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD
Contact: Your Inquiry











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