Mon. May 27th, 2024

Genio is an 8 year old Andalusian with a height of approx. 1.54. He is a super buddy and good to handle. He feels most at home when hacking, which he also does well on his own. He can be trotted and cantered well in the country. He does not know how to buck or race, even if a large open meadow would invite him to do so.

Of course Genio also knows the riding arena and the lunge. Due to his temperament, he could also be a good school horse. We have already lunged children on him or put beginners on him. He does all of this well. Of course you can also let his mane grow. It was so uneven that he had to have a short haircut.

Genio has been vaccinated, dewormed and recently seen by the farrier. He currently runs barefoot, which can certainly be continued depending on the terrain or riding surface.



Name: GENIO Gender: Gelding
Breed: Andalusian
Colour: Brown
Age: 2015 Discipline: Leisure – Hacking – Children
Height: 1,54 m
Location: 27383 Scheessel (D)
Price Level: SOLD













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