Sun. Jun 16th, 2024

Like Xantos and Xip, Xim-Xim descends from a purebred, stately and baroque PRE black stallion. All 3 are from a hobby breeder from the backcountry of Barcelona. Surely some of you are wondering about these untypical Spanish horse names. This breeder started his breeding more than 24 years ago with his first foal crop with the letter A. In 2018, he arrived at X.

Xim-Xim moves more like a warmblood and is endowed with a super character. An extremely friendly horse that makes you feel good and secure from the beginning on. Xim is also very easy to ride in the field, whether in a group or alone. His pace is easy to regulate and he is not a runner or heating up when ridden.

All in all a very rideable horse, who has been in professional training since the beginning of the year. Xim-Xim works very well every day and has developed very well. All 3 horses were gelded at the age of 20 months so that they could remain in the mixed herd.

Therefore, Xim-Xim will also be integrated quickly and easily into a mixed herd in Germany. Xantos has already found his dream owner, who would like to have Xim? Xim comes with a perfect vet check, he is vaccinated, dewormed and ready to be trained further.


Name: XIM-XIM Gender: Gelding
Breed: Pre with passport
Colour: Black
Age: 2018 Discipline: Dressage, Fields
Height: 1,62 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price Level: SOLD
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