Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

Princessa is a 4 year old Andalusian mare with a current height of 1.53 to 1.54. As Spaniards are late maturing horses, she can still gain 2 to 3 cm. Princessa was lucky not to have been broken in at the age of 3, as is usually the case in Spain.

The pretty Buckskin mare was familiarised with saddle and snaffle this spring and has also known rider weight on the lunge since May. She shows well and does not cause any problems at all. We think that the mare will be broken in quickly and will be able to do her rounds in the riding arena in the autumn and can also be ridden in the country.

Princessa is currently barefoot and can probably stay that way, unless there are very stony riding paths where she has to go. However, this can certainly be solved with hoof shoes. Princessa has good gaits and a good temperament. All in all, she is a very pretty and likeable mare who will certainly make her rider or a family very happy.


Name: BANANA Gender: Mare
Breed: Andalusian
Colour: Buckskin
Edad: 2019
Discipline: Leisure – Dressage – Working Equitation
Height: 1,54
Location: 27383 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD













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