Wed. Apr 24th, 2024

The perfect horse for the recreational rider to rely on, to relax and enjoy the cross-country ride or to do his rounds in the riding arena. Madrileño had a very good training and wasridden in Alta Escuela before he was broken in for harness. He still masters the passage and the Spanish walk, but he lacks the training for the piaffe.

We also see this handsome brown horse as a family horse or for the slightly older rider, newcomer or weaker rider. Madrileño makes it easy for the rider because he can always be ridden in good contact without having to work hard for it.


Name: Madrileño Gender: Gelding
Breed: PRE Colour: Brown
Age: 2009 Discipline: Leisure, Dressage, Fields, harniss
Height: 1,62 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price Level: SOLD
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