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Pretty young stallion for sale directly from the breeder in Spain. Silencioso grew up in the herd on spacious grounds and was given the opportunity at 8 months to grow up in a group of young stallions with 5 other stallions. The horses were on large pastures and paddocks for 365 days. There he got the opportunity to grow up in peace with a lot of exercise and socially.

Now in January, Silencioso was stabled and some work has started with him. He is currently longed, gives hooves and can be tied up well.

Silencioso will become a good future riding horse. He is a smart alert lad with a beautiful head, lots of expression on his face and a correct conformation. Since he is late ripening like all Spaniards, we assume that he will grow another 3 to 5 cm.

The pedigree of this young stallion goes on the father’s side via the chestnut stallion Icaro, who descends in further line from the Vendalo of the stud Ymas and this in turn is pure Escalera and Lazo Dias bred. The father’s side gives rideability, good character and movement. His mother is a solid black mare.


Name: Silencioso Gender: Stallion (can be castrated in our stables)
Breed: Pre Colour: Brown
Age: 2019 – April
Discipline: Dressage, Trais, Leisure, Working Equitation (knows longing)
Height: 1,56 m (actually)
Location: 27383 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD
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