Mon. Apr 22nd, 2024

Cubano was born in May 2021 and he is already 1.60 tall. He is very strong, muscular and compact for his age. Therefore we see him very well as a future working equitation horse. His conformation is short, he has a very muscular hindquarters and also a short neck. Therefore he is fast and agile and will be able to pick up power with his hindquarters.

His mother is a Lusitano mix of 1,67 males. He got his colour from her, as she was also a Buckskin. Cubano’s father is also a Lusitano mix with 1.68 males. He is dark brown.

The smart buckskin is still a stallion and can be laid in our stable. Cubano gives his hooves and already knows some ground work. He is open-minded, curious, intelligent and always positive towards people. A horse with a future, who will be a big imposing horse when grown up, who will attract all eyes.


Name: CUBANO Gender: Stallion (can be castrated on site)
Breed: Iberian
Colour: Buckskin
Age: 05/2021 Discipline: Baroque – Working Equitation – Dressage
Height: 1,61 actually
Location: 27383 Scheessel (Germany)
Price Level A: 5.000,- to 10.000,- Euro
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