Mon. May 27th, 2024

Titan San is a promising young PRE who comes directly from the breeder. His sire is a multiple award-winning stallion from the Torreluna Stud and took first place in section 6 at the SACABCOIN with an amazing 96.750 points. No wonder, he is a son of Gavilan, of the Bohorquez Stud, who in turn is a son of the great YACO II of the Marin Garcia Stud. Yaco II is one of the few stallions that have made a significant impact on PRE breeding and has produced numerous SICAB winners and Calificado award-winning sons.

Titan has spent his life in the young stallion herd. Since winter he has been stabled and has attended the young horse school (grooming, tying up, hoof work). Meanwhile he know bridle, saddle and rider. He is very sweet to train. He has o much trust to people, that you even can go on him, when he is laying down in his stables.

Titan San promises to be a baroque horse, but he also has good movements. A great horse for someone who would like to take over the further training. Titan is broken in. As he developed a summer allergy, he is being sold under price.


Name: TITAN SAN Gender: Gelding
Breed: PRE
Colour: Dark Grey
Age: 2020 (20.02.2020)
Discipline: Leisure – Dressage
Height: 1,60 actually still growing
Sede: 27383 Scheessel
Price Level: SOLD













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