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This extremely chic baroque gray PRE is absolutely in the breed standard. His pedigree is marked by old bloodlines such as Moreno de la Cova, Candau, Novales and Yeguada Militar, to name a few.

Capricho has a stick size of 1.58 and for the Pure Andalusians the typical short back, strong short neck, broad chest and a beautiful face with a broad forehead and large, alert dark eyes and small ears. Everyone who sees him is impressed by his shape, his expression and his beauty. He is a horse with a lot of charisma.

In terms of character, you couldn’t wish him any better. He is absolutely good to handle, can be brushed by a child and he is easy to ride. We can therefore also recommend him for returnees or weaker riders.

This gray is suitable for dressage, he is at a good basic level, for rides in the fields, alone or in a group, but also for trail rides or working equitation. A horse with strong nerves, who also gets along well with the weaknesses of a rider.


Name: Capricho Gender: Gelding
Breed: P.R.E. – Pura Raza Española
Colour: Grey
Age: 2012 Discipline: Dressage, Leisure
Height: 1,58 m
Location: 27367 Bötersen
Price: SOLD
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